People + Planet


Every single step we take is driven by passion and standing for style and quality can only make sense if everything we do is done with respect. Respect for all of us, our planet and everything that lives on it. At the forefront of style and durable quality and at the opposite of mass and fast fashion, People + Planet has been at the core of our label’s way of working, every single step of the way.

Where the magic happens

The beauty of being an emerging and independent fashion label these days is that we have full control of our decisions and we take utmost care that our company reflect us as individuals.

Responsible fabrics

Not only do they provide ultimate comfort an durability, our fabrics are also manufactured in the finest mills in a highly responsible way. Our apparel styles are cut in Italian and Turkish natural fiber qualities and all our swimwear is made in the finest and greenest jersey, made near Lyon in France.


Respectful packaging

We apply the same philosophy everywhere from the design through to delivery. All our beautifully printed paper-based packaging is made from recycled materials, certified wood, water-based inks… and when we need to use plastic, we go for biodegradable solutions. The supplier we work with are FSC certified, meaning the materials used originate from sustainable sources. They are committed to planting more trees than they actually use in production.

Taking the greener path

It can sometimes be a real challenge for a brand on a high-end segment to go for renewable packaging. Traditionally, consumers have been used to see glitzy boxes but most often very damaging for the planet. It will certainly require a bit of education for consumers to be alert that luxury goods are even more luxurious when they come in a more respectful packaging, but we took this greener approach from the very start.

From the management of water consumption to cleaning up air effluents, processing of gas emissions, waste treatment, to the control of raw material usage, our suppliers tick all the right boxes and have obtained the highest industry standards and certificates.