La Belle Échappée

The New Collection

Our newly released Spring & Summer collections was designed to follow stylish nomads in every situation, blending our iconic swimwear pieces cut in the most luxurious French-made jersey and our unique resort and apparel styles.

Swimwear Couture

Exclusive and sophisticated designer swimwear pieces, crafted in the softest and most luxurious fabrics. Our Art Nouveau-inspired range of bikinis and one-pieces are worn just as well into the waves or dressed up in style between the yacht and the cocktail bar.

Effortless CHIC

Combining glamorous femininity with a modern twist, each garment represents the highest expression of technical and stylistic research. The chic and effortless looks won't go unnoticed on a wander along the shoreline.

Second SKIN

Crafted in the most premium French-made swimwear fabrics, our latest cretions shape the body in a perfect fit with a refined look.